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Delaware Pictures categorizes the scripts into 4 divisions: Award-Winning, Current Events, Franchise Films, and Faith-Based.



Fairytale Title

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A little boy, Ry (8), while on a hunt with his grandfather in the snowy mountains, gets lost and finds himself in front of an ancient castle. Scared, yet brave he enters after hearing a cry for help. The cry comes from an old barrel in the basement. Unbeknownst  to what he’s doing, he obeys the voice and accidentally releases the ancient evil demon Lord Hatross.


Made entirely of steel, no sword can cut him and no spear can pierce him. Lord Hatross is strong and cruel and his sole purpose is to inflict pain and misery on humanity. However, he does have his word which he gives to Ry when he warns him to never mention what he saw or did in return for his life.


20 years later, the past comes back to hunt Ry when Lord Hatross enslaves his village and kidnaps his bride on their wedding night. But there is a legend of a miraculous sword, hardened by human tears, that possesses magical powers to defeat the tyrant and cut into steel.


Ry goes on a dangerous quest to acquire the sword, rescue his bride and free his people.

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